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A tale of three photos:

October 1:

November 17:


November 21:


Here’s hoping your week was more photo-worthy, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

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As a teenager, I owned a couple of budgies. As a Mum of a teenager, I was happy to acquiesce with Hubby’s suggestion that we convert the kids’ old cubby house into an aviary. Space underneath gave plenty of flight area, and the ‘house’ itself was excellent weather protection and for breeding box placement.

Well, breed they have. Clutch number one had two chicks raised and weaned successfully. Clutch number two had seven, from seven eggs.

Exhibit A: Sherbet and Huffle, two babies from this second clutch. We kept five and sold two. And now, their Mum has seven more eggs ready to hatch in about a week. Seven more! Bringing our total to over 20…

It would seem I am now in the budgie breeding business. (If you’re interested in their antics, my Miss14 posts photos and videos on Instagram: budgie_buds__ and she’d love more followers…)

Have a “fruitful” week yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

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And speaking of money…

We have, what one of my best friends calls, a ‘postage stamp’ of a house. It’s tiny. It’s 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom cum laundry, with open plan and cathedral ceiling for the lounge / dining / kitchen, so it feels a lot more spacious than it is. But with Hubby, me, and three growing kids, it’s getting smaller and smaller by the month. So we’re planning to extend.

We started with our grand designs. Our pipe-dream of what it was we wanted. Add a parent retreat, double storey of course, so we could take advantage of the views across to the Glasshouse Mountains. Garage. Study. Deck. Ensuite & walk-in wardrobe.

Then we met with a builder, and were rather disappointed when it came to discussing costs. Whittled our plans down. And down again. And again. And again.

Now, we’re happy with our plans. We’re still going to be adding a fourth bedroom (we *really* need to separate Miss 5 and Mr 3) and an ensuite to the Main bedroom, and a little study will adjoin the lounge room, but our overall vision is much, much reduced from our pipedream.

So all we need now is to wait for it to happen! (Oh, and pay for it all, of course!)

family anecdotes


Miss 4 and Mr 3 were invited to a birthday party last week. And when Miss 7 and I went shopping for a present, she saw a $6 teddy bear that she wanted to buy. We were in a rush though, and her pocket money was in her purse in her handbag, back at home; so we left the shop, present in hand but no bear. Fast forward a few days, and I was in the same shop again, this time with all three kids and Miss 7 proudly clutching her handbag, the purse of which contained $6.65. (Please excuse, dear reader, my long and strangely constructed sentences. Watching Gosford Park the other night has brought out the ‘Blogging Austenese’ style in me again!)
So she chose the softest, fluffiest bear she could find, and carried him ever-so-carefully to the checkout, where she was asked to pay $6.30.
“Strange,” I thought, so I queried it. Outcome? Store policy kicked in. If an item scans for more than its advertised price, you get it for free.
“Seriously?!!!” I said. “if I’d known that, I would have got one for each of them!”
Nevertheless, Miss 7 is the extremely proud owner of a free, soft, fluffy bear. Cuddles now sits happily next to Miss 7’s new fish tank – but that’s another story!