#BlogJune Day 8

I have Reynaud’s Syndrome… meaning that in cold weather or whenever my body cools too much, blood stops flowing properly to my extremities. My fingers and toes turn white from lack of blood. It’s annoying (and sometimes painful).

So I wear gloves. A few years back now, I lashed out on an expensive pair of ‘UGG’ brand gloves and now I wouldn’t be without them when the weather gets cold.


This morning, they only came off after 10am. Winter is well and truly here, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

2 replies on “#BlogJune Day 8”

Wow! I have nothing like that scale but in winter I have at least one finger that regularly goes white and loses feeling. I have vague recollections of my granny having it in all her fingers.

Hi Snail! Yes, it’s hereditary, did you know? My Mum has it too… but like you, not to the same degree.
Now I’m aware of what it actually is (only took me 48 years! To go ‘oh… it’s a thing? Not just weird thing my fingers feel like doing when no-one else’s do?) I rarely get it because I keep my gloves with me when it gets cold. It’s much more comfortable too!

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