KRidwynHi! I’m Ceridwyn.

It’s pronounced ‘k – RID -win’. Thus my online handle KRidwyn, because in the English language, ‘ce’ says ‘se’. Ugh.

I spend my days with teenagers (and LOVE it!) and my evenings with Hubby and three cherubs of my own, writing and ignoring the housework.

I love writing. And cramming as much as possible in this thing called life. At present, this site is the online externalisation of the more sane of my thoughts. When the ‘writing’ thing becomes a ‘published’ thing though, and this page gets a ‘buy here’ button or two, my plan is that you can place your orders here! 😀

Confession time: the photo’s a little dated now (I’ve shaved my head for #worldsgreatestshave since then) but I’m the world’s worst selfie taker, so there’s that…

Enjoy the posts, dear Reader. And thanks for dropping by!

– KRidwyn