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And speaking of money…

We have, what one of my best friends calls, a ‘postage stamp’ of a house. It’s tiny. It’s 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom cum laundry, with open plan and cathedral ceiling for the lounge / dining / kitchen, so it feels a lot more spacious than it is. But with Hubby, me, and three growing kids, it’s getting smaller and smaller by the month. So we’re planning to extend.

We started with our grand designs. Our pipe-dream of what it was we wanted. Add a parent retreat, double storey of course, so we could take advantage of the views across to the Glasshouse Mountains. Garage. Study. Deck. Ensuite & walk-in wardrobe.

Then we met with a builder, and were rather disappointed when it came to discussing costs. Whittled our plans down. And down again. And again. And again.

Now, we’re happy with our plans. We’re still going to be adding a fourth bedroom (we *really* need to separate Miss 5 and Mr 3) and an ensuite to the Main bedroom, and a little study will adjoin the lounge room, but our overall vision is much, much reduced from our pipedream.

So all we need now is to wait for it to happen! (Oh, and pay for it all, of course!)

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Been here recently. We purchased our home in 2010, and within a month of moving in, it flooded our whole basement and we lost everything that was down there. Took us 2 years to fix the problem and eventually rebuild. But now, we have our dream home back.

Good luck with this!! Maybe you can extend later down the road, kind of an as-you-go thing?

Wow! SO long, to get your home back to how you wanted?!!! That must have been devastating!!!
Incredible that you got through it. That’s pretty inspirational. I don’t know how I’d cope if that had happened to us. Wow. Thanks for sharing! And yes, we probably will be doing the whole ‘extend a little when we can’ type of progress!

Yeah… I was diagnosed with depression around that time, and it hasn’t really gone away. We’re paranoid all the time now… Thinking it might flood again. And it has, though nothing serious.

Oh wow. That’s pretty intense. As someone who also struggles with depression, I feel for you!
I guess there’s no ‘solution’, but I’ve found strategies to cope, ways to handle it, change my attitude etc etc. I guess you have too?
Here’s wishing you a really really really good day today. From here in Aus, all the way to you over there in the States! *hugs* Ceridwyn

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