Just keep trying…

This post was suggested by Miss12, and it’s about her favourite subject- animals.

You see, she’s had a bit of an awful track record when it comes to chickens. She’s had more than a dozen – and yet, for many and numerous reasons, she now only has three.

Chicken- keeping, for Miss12, has been fraught with pain and loss. However, she has persisted, and in spite of it all, she enjoys spending time with them, and hand-taming them where possible.

This persistence paid off this past weekend. We spent the two days in Brisbane, where she competed in the QLD Women’s and Girl’s Chess tournament. During a break, we walked out to a nearby oval, and she ate some popcorn. Then we both noticed some birds who’d flown near us, hoping for scraps.

Within 5 minutes, Miss12 had a magpie eat a piece of popcorn from her hand.

That’s my kid. The bird- whisperer.

It only happened due to Miss12’s persistence with bird training.

Oh, and she went great in the tournament too 🙂

Have a great week, dear Reader!