#BlogJune Day 11

Today has been hard.


highlights: seeing my Dad and brothers. Getting to hang out with Mum for the morning. Conversations with friends. Teenage children who don’t appear to hate me at the moment.


lowlight: pretty much everything else.


no photo today. I can’t even.

sorry dear Reader. I’m so glad that tomorrow is a new day. See you then.

– KRidwyn


16/52 [insert title here]

I didn’t know this, but the day I last posted – last Sunday –  a dear friend passed away.

Janet Reid. Referenced here in my blog, and also all over my Flash Fiction page.

I’ve never been hit in the face by an avalanche before, but this is what it feels like.

I can’t Word today. Sorry, dear Reader.

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Yay Bobcat!

The sloshpit behind my carport is now obliterated!

And that makes me so happy 🙂

Have a great week yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn


Early morning visitor

Doesn’t happen often, but it did today.

Hello,big guy!

Have a surprising day yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn


Dandelion bird

He’s yellow up top and green underneath 🙂

He’s nearly 7 weeks old and is hand-taming like a dream.

He’s my little dandelion bird, and he’s hoping to go to a new hone soon!

Here’s hoping your wishes come true too, dear Reader 🙂



And it happened!

Hubby and I managed our silver anniversary last week! Silver!

Makes me feel old – like my hair’s losing it’s colour – or ‘lacking’ – because we got to ‘silver’ therefore missed out on ‘gold’ or something!

And it’s weird. Who would have believed that 25 years could fly past so quickly? Not me, that’s for certain. Here’s hoping the next 25 won’t go by quite so fast… I’m starting to notice my mortality here and I’m not too sure I like that!

Anyway, back to my point (huh. Rambling as well! Another sigh of… um… what was it, again?) Hubby and I achieved something I’m proud of. Admittedly, it was probably more his achievement than mine – I doubt I’m easy to live with! – but it was quite an achievement nonetheless.

Go us!

And have an amazing day yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

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#blogJune day17

So my middle child – Miss12 – has 3 days left until she’s exactly halfway through Year 8. That’s halfway through Middle School.

And my youngest, Master11, just received his letter of confirmation into the same High School as his sisters for next year.

Man – time is flying!

(And yes, I am deliberately NOT thinking about Miss15 driving in just 7 months…!)

Have a speedy day yourself, dear Reader… should you wish it to be, that is!

– KRidwyn


My thoughts exactly…

I think one of the reasons I stopped writing for those several weeks is because me – a writer! – couldn’t put into words what I thought and how I felt. Sigh.

But my aunt wrote a poem, and reading it just this morning made me realise that *this* is exactly what I’ve been thinking. So I wanted to share it with you, dear Reader. My aunt, a retiree in New Zealand who spent many years of her life as a missionary in Egypt, wrote this on her own response to the COVID-19 lockdown:


eThoughts  during the Coronavirus Lockdown:     (Jeanette  Grimmer,   10  May, 2020)

A computer interview I lately came upon

Intrigued me as I learned that  John Lennox, Oxford don,

Has in his timely  book  a certain stance unfurled:

Asking  “Where is God in a coronavirus world?”


As  all nations  face the coronavirus running rife

With  no cure yet to keep it from destroying life

We fear, we see our weakness, our mortality,

And think anew on life, its end,  and how it’s meant to be.


Some surely  will react to this disaster of our day

As the suffering of millions cannot be explained away,

By saying that  if a mighty,  caring God did this allow;

Then faith that God exists is utmost  foolishness,  and how!


Some religious folk see our crisis as a judgment from God’s hand

And seek out  evidence to prove these events are as he planned;

Say  our rebellious deeds have angered God to such extent

That  our coronavirus chaos is on sin his punishment.


Yet  while Lennox understands why some men hold these views

He makes it plain that as a Christian he chooses to refuse

To  react in either way,  for as he understands  the Holy Book,

The words  and  life of Jesus Christ  afford  a whole new look.


For when Jesus Christ was told of the Galileans Pilate killed

He asked if people thought  their death a judgment that God willed

Because compared with others their sinful deeds were worse,

Then  stated  clearly that in fact the truth was the converse.


And Luke records that Jesus chose to question them as well

About  the eighteen  folk who died when  Siloam Tower fell:

“Do you think they were more  guilty than others in Jerusalem?

I tell you, no!  But now repent, or else you’ll die like them.”


To Jesus tragic life events  were not a punishment God  sent

On  certain wicked men, but  these may  urge us to repent

Since each of us will one day God’s  judgment have to face

And we who have repented will  receive abundant grace.


If indeed God loves us, how do we suffering explain?

It is a mystery, and yet we trust He’s  with us in our pain,

Jesus suffered on the Cross,  He died for me to  live forgiven

Therefore I trust my Father God  whose love draws me to heaven.



Isn’t it beautiful! I love it. And I love her – and am so glad she allowed me to share it on here with you 🙂

Have a trust-filled week yourself, dear Reader.

  • KRidwyn

On wanting what you can’t have

This is my girl; hatched last July. Her name’s “Shell”, after the delicate darker colour edging her wing feathers.

She’s getting near breeding age, so at the markets recently I purchased a yellow male, around the same age. A gorgeous boy, he promptly received the name “Topaz” and all the way home, I envisaged how beautiful their babies would look.


Talk about counting chickens before they hatched! No sooner did Shell see Topaz but she formed an instant dislike. Bordering on hatred. Evidenced by her snapping at him, screeching at him and generally bullying him around their shared cage.


Topaz is now caged with another yellow hen (girl budgie), owned by Miss12. He’s happier with her – Havilah – and Havilah’s also quite pleased to be not out with the other budgies, getting bullied by them!

So. Today’s post is dedicated to Shell; not giving me what I want. [Yet…]

Have a great week, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn


on Latin…

My Mum loaned me this book a while ago; I finally got the chance to pick it up over the weekend. And boy, I’m glad I did! It’s so funny! And I’m learning a lot too 🙂

Here’s hoping you also get a pleasant surprise this week too, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn