And it happened!

Hubby and I managed our silver anniversary last week! Silver!

Makes me feel old – like my hair’s losing it’s colour – or ‘lacking’ – because we got to ‘silver’ therefore missed out on ‘gold’ or something!

And it’s weird. Who would have believed that 25 years could fly past so quickly? Not me, that’s for certain. Here’s hoping the next 25 won’t go by quite so fast… I’m starting to notice my mortality here and I’m not too sure I like that!

Anyway, back to my point (huh. Rambling as well! Another sigh of… um… what was it, again?) Hubby and I achieved something I’m proud of. Admittedly, it was probably more his achievement than mine – I doubt I’m easy to live with! – but it was quite an achievement nonetheless.

Go us!

And have an amazing day yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn