Of rides and fireworks…

So the three cherubs and I enjoyed our school’s Fete the other day. Starting after school on Friday, it finished that evening with fireworks.

It was definitely a memorable occasion! They are, I’ve noticed, when there is a few ‘firsts’ involved…

It was the first time I’ve been at my school’s Fete without Hubby also there – normally working, but at least, there. This time, it was just me with Miss12, Miss9 and Mr8 – who all wanted to go off in different directions, of course. Making life – and supervision of these three precious lives God has entrusted to me – rather difficult.

It was the first time we’ve been to an evening Fete – in the past, it’s either been during the day, or we’ve left before the end of it. Again, that made supervision problematic!

It was the first time that Mr8 – and Miss9 too, for that matter – has been on a ‘big kids’ ride. He told me he wanted to go, and my heart skipped a beat. I honestly thought he wouldn’t be able to handle it – that with his autism, that he’d be so overwhelmed by all the lights, the music, the jolting of his body in strange directions, that he’d be screaming like a banshee and demanding to get off. But I watched him, heart in my throat, and he was smiling and laughing – and complaining when it was over! Fear disappeared; replaced by pride. He’s such an an awesome kid!

It was also the very first time that Miss9 and Mr8 had seen fireworks live. Miss12 had seen them as a toddler, but couldn’t remember. So this was a beautiful experience for all three – and for me, sharing it with them.

So, all in all, memorable evening – one which they’re keen to repeat. And that the best indicator of success, wouldn’t you agree?

My takeaway from the evening? That it all worked. That no matter it was just me trying to look out for three kids doing different things all at the same time, amongst crowds of people, in the dark; no matter that they hadn’t been on ‘big kids’ rides before, or seen and heard fireworks up close, God was in control and it was a good night, and I didn’t need to worry at all.

I think I may actually have come across that last bit before somewhere, you know. Maybe a Bible verse, about ‘not worrying’? There’s no point to it. Because worrying steals joy, and it doesn’t change the situation much at all!

Anyway, just my random thoughts this morning.

Have a great week, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn