Not being ready

Today’s Monday, October 2nd. Here in Australia, it’d be the first day back of the final school term for the year – except that it’s a public holiday due to our celebration of the Queen’s birthday.

So in actual fact, it’s the last day of holidays.  Work resumes tomorrow. And my little control-freak mind is starting to do its thing.

I’m not usually *this* unprepared for the first day. I’m not usually *this* unmotivated about returning. But I find myself in the unusual state of feeling unprepared- indicative, perhaps, of the quality of break I’ve had.

It’s been wonderful. And it was oh, so needed!

My last break from school – where I got the mental break I needed, not just the physical one – was this time last year. Yup. Before I started the new job. Every term break since then, I’ve been either at work for parts of it, or working from home.

Not so much, this time. Heading to Fraser Island, with it’s almost complete lack of mobile and internet reception, assisted with this. So too, the vacation responder on my emails. I felt as though I could legitimately not check them, because everyone was informed of my absence.

Cue sighs of relief – and headspace away from work!

Not that I did nothing over the past two weeks. On the contrary – lots happened! But I’m reminded of God’s command regarding the Sabbath day, “do no regular work”, and that’s exactly what I did.

It felt great!

Now though, for today only, I’m going to let myself panic just a little. And then, in that panic, get motivated.

Fast! I have an eight-lesson day tomorrow!

Have a great week yourself, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn