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O is for ‘opine’

(verb) to think; deem; hold or express an opinion, or as one’s opinion

I do this. I think. I deem. I hold an opinion – and like to express said opinion. Sometimes, the opinion I express is even my own 😀 [I’ve tried it on for size, decided I liked it, concluded that it suited me – or perhaps I suited it? – and claimed it for my own.]

But you already knew that, dear reader. I *do* have a blog, after all!

I enjoy having a definite point of view on issues. I quite like having a voice, and sometimes even the odd person who listens. Strokes the ego, as it were. I must admit, I *like* opining.

I deem it necessary for my mental health.

What’s necessary for yours?

And have a great day, dear reader!

— KRidwyn