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N is for ‘never’

This word, like ‘always’, is a problem word for me.

It’s just so… final. Wouldn’t you agree?

And, really, how truthful is it?


My Macbook Pro thesaurus states that ‘never’s homonyms are:

at no time

not at any time

not ever

not once

on no occasion

[literary] ne’er

not at all

certainly not

not for a moment

not under any circumstances

in no circumstances

on no account

no way

not on your life

not in a million years

not for love or money…

that’s all pretty definite. So final. Irrevocable, conclusive. Binding.

Leaving zero room for wiggling. For hope of the same.

It seems sad to me.

[But that may just be the final evening of school holidays talking :(]

Have a great day, dear Reader.

— KRidwyn