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P is for ‘power’

It’s a strange idea, really: power.

We all have it, to varying degrees.

The power to choose between options. To direct our own paths.

The power to eat those Easter eggs, that hot cross bun, and also the power to smile and say ‘no thank you’.

The power to get up in the morning and exercise, or the power to roll over and stay comfy under the covers.

The power to join in a conversation, likewise the power to remain silent.

The power to do the work we should – or to just check out our favourite social network a little first…

The power to offer a kind word, or a smile – maybe even a helping hand! Or the power to ignore. To pretend. To justify our busy-ness to ourself.

What power will *you* choose today?

Me? I’m hoping that for today – and for the rest of this week, this month, this year – that  the choices I make are wise ones.

Have a ‘powerful’ day, dear Reader!

— KRidwyn