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26 lessons from God’s metaphors: #10

I have three children: Miss11, Miss8 and Mr7. I love them more than I could possibly imagine, and want to protect them from the evils I know exist in the world. I’m sure all parents feel the same. Before becoming a parent, I never felt this way. I didn’t know it was possible to feel the overwhelming love that would sacrifice everything for this child who relies on you so utterly.

As a teenager in High School, I once heard the story of a man who controlled the switch at a train track. He was about to switch the track for a passenger train to pass safely by, when he realised that his four-year-old son was playing on it. Now that’s a dilemma! Choose who dies – a train full of passengers, or your own child?

That story has remained vivid enough that I could remember it this last week, and use it for an illustration today. Snopes though, tells the background to the story, as ‘story’ it appears to be.

JNonetheless, it is a relatable illustration of God and His choice – to send His son to Earth, knowing He would be killed the most excruciating way possible. For us. Because it was the only way that He could save us from the consequences of our sin. And Jesus – who knew, and obeyed.

Now I’m a parent, God’s choice confounds me and humbles me. There’s no way I would voluntarily sacrifice my one of my own children for strangers. Not even for friends. And yet – that’s what God did. And Jesus – who knew, and obeyed? The mind reels.

God loves us, did you know?

I’m humbled by that.

And that’s my takeaway lesson for today. J, for Jesus. Who obeyed.

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It certainly is mind boggling to try and understand God’s love for us, even as parents! I’m so grateful for our Heavenly Father and for our Savior. Thanks for sharing your faith!

Hi Marcy! Thank you for visiting, and for taking the time to write such a lovely comment! I’ve come to (slowly!) understand that I can never understand, as much as I want to… maybe one day, hey? And regarding ‘thanks for sharing your faith’ – you’re welcome 🙂 I think that I perhaps find it easier when I’m at my keyboard. I thank God for these incredible opportunities! 😀

Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment! That story just stays with you, doesn’t it?! And you’re very welcome. Have a lovely day 😀

Omigosh, I’m humbled. That train story. I started to click Snopes, and then decided against it. The more I know, the more haunting it will be the rest of the day and I have entirely too much to get finished on Tuesdays, including this one. I’m going to count on my memory to come back for the link tomorrow. Maybe. If I’m mentally up for it.

Hi John! I truly enjoy reading your comments – thank you ever so much for swinging by so regularly, and taking the time to post on my site!
I trust that your Tuesday ended up being more productive than you could have hoped for. And the snopes page is more along the lines of ‘interesting’ rather than ‘harrowing’. Although I agree, the thought of “which train track to choose” gives me goosebumps, and the need to snuggle one or more of my cherubs. Thank God for loved ones, hey?! To ground us and keep us grateful. And perhaps smiling, too!

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