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26 lessons from God’s metaphors: #11

I discovered a new favourite author recently: Kristin Cashore. I found her novel GRACELING to be absolutely extraordinary; a modern-day equivalent to Feist’s RIFTWAR ┬ánovels. I rejoiced on hearing she’d written companion novels FIRE and BITTERBLUE, and neither disappointed.

There was a particular scene in the final novel where I leaned back in my chair and thought, ‘Wow’. Cashore’s main character, the queen, was walking on a dock in her city, realising exactly how wealthy she was. Not only was she more wealthy than all her citizens and the members of the court in her own land, but she was also far wealthier than every other king, in every other kingdom, in every land that she knew of.

There was wealth, and there was *her* wealth. It was a moment of revelation for her, and for the reader too.

I stopped, and pondered the structure of societies. From hers, to ours, to even Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss, there is always someone with power at the very top. They may not have the most money (GAME OF THRONES, anyone?) but they have the most power. The most influence.

Throughout history – here on Earth now, back in the real world – who were the people who’ve made it right to the tippy-top? They were the leaders. For good or bad, they controlled nations; empires; they had dynasties named after them.

Everyone’s heard of Alexander the Great. Of Julius Caesar. Of Genghis Khan and Chairman Mao – even people such as Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Mother Theresa and Steve Jobs – they changed the world as we know it, too!

But of all the influential people you can think of, (and I’m sure your list above differs from mine,) who had the MOST impact?

I submit: the person whose date of birth influenced the calendar – well, the one that’s adopted by the majority of the world.

That would be Jesus.

KThe book of Revelation, chapter 19 verse 6 calls Him “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”. As in, ‘so high above all over kings, and so far above all other lords’.

That’s pretty ‘high’ up there. Deserving reverence, I’d say.

I can understand that.

So my lesson for today: God is the King of Kings. And I’m going to revere Him, remember to regard Him as such.

Have a great day, dear reader!