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I’ve just had a look at my bank balance – and also at my credit card balance. Man, but stuff adds up, doesn’t it?! My trip to the Caloundra Queensland Transport office on Monday cost quite a few hundred dollars, which was a bit of a pity. It felt as though I was getting ahead a little, money wise! But I guess renewing drivers’ licenses *is* probably a good system to have. And yes, I deserved that speeding ticket. So more fool me, huh.

But it was good to see that I’ve got money coming in, as well as going out. Good to see that my hard work is paying off – and I *really* can’t wait to get another deposit from google for the GoodOldTalk site – there’s been QUITE a but of expenditure there recently, so it;d be brilliant to see that being financially active again! (as opposed to very very very dead, which is what it’s been for a very long time now…!)

So, all things being equal.I guess I’m going okay. A whole lot better than hundreds of thousands of others in this world, too, come to think of it! Really, it;s just your perspective, isn’t it? Your attitude. Your own decision on how you’re going to view a thing.

I think I’m going to choose to be happy today.

Have a great day today, dear readers! 🙂