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Yay – and Boo :(

Good morning, dear readers! So I think that today marks a week of ‘weekdays-in-a-row’ blog posts, so I’ve very proud of myself! (I’ve decided that celebrating small victories should be more important to me – in the hopes that it will encourage me to achieve them some more!) And I’m really happy that my kids were quiet last night after about 10pm. But I’m very much regretting that full cup of coffee yesterday morning, because it kept my brain awake for simply AGES!!! oh well. Live and learn. Maybe. (I’m sure I’ve tried learning that particular lesson before! Whoops!)

Anyway, my day’s going to be a great one, I think. There’s kids to feed and clothe, other kids to teach, a choir rehearsal to run, shopping to do and a linen cupboard to empty. So… here goes! Have a great one yourselves, dear readers! 🙂