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Man, what a day!

Today has been HUGE. I’ve ticked 14 things off my ‘To-Do’ list – and those were just the biggies; I’ve done probably double that but the others I didn’t write down. I’m EXHAUSTED! And, were it not for that rather large coffee that I enjoyed this morning in between making sandwiches for school lunches and running out the door with Mr 4 to get my Driver’s License renewed, I’d be flagging much much worse due to yet another interrupted night’s sleep! (I don’t know what it was, but my son seemed allergic to my being horizontal with my head on a pillow, last night. It was a little annoying, truth be told! I ended up on a mattress on the floor, in the room he shares with Miss 5 – just to keep him quiet!)

So, all things being equal, today’s been huge – and yet, also, hugely successful. Because I’ve managed to get a whole heap of things done, and Mr 4 did them right along with me – and in spite of a rough night last night for him too, he has coped amazingly well.


Well, I’d best keep on going. I have 6 more tasks on my ‘work to be done today’ list – which I’m hoping to get done before my head hits the pillow tonight. Hopefully, it will be an uninterrupted night’s sleep! 🙂

See you tomorrow, dear readers! 🙂