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Wow! It’s been a busy one! Some highlights:

– my little man has now used the toilet for BOTH number 1s and number 2s (yeh, I bet you didn’t *really* want to read about that when you clicked on the link – but as a Mum of an autistic 4 year old, that’s a HUGE highlight for me!!!)

– Miss 8 asked me to start teaching her how to crochet – and she’s pretty good!

– Miss 5 has improved IMMENSELY in castings, and I’m SO proud of her, and

– Mr 4 had his immunisations yesterday (boo hiss) but it went EXTREMELY well! So well, in fact, I thought I’d write you the story:

One of the doctors in the treatment area, who’d heard my explanation that “I haven’t prepared him for this – he’s autistic, so he won’t understand” told the nurse “get another person, and do both arms at the same time then”. So my little man’s GP came back, and that’s what they did – and he screamed for about 20 seconds. TOTAL!!! I could NOT believe it! I mean, yes, he was sore and a little whingy afterwards, but WOW! I wish someone had thought of that with my other children – for every single time that they’d had needles!!! But oh well.

So. Here’s praying that today and over the next few days, are good days at Kindy for him then, while his shoulders are both so sore…!

And here’s wishing you, also, a great day, dear readers! 🙂