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On blogging…

I love my blog. I love the fact that I can write on absolutely any topic that I like, put the words in any random order, and maybe someone somewhere will read it. That it comes from my little corner of this vast world of ours, and my dear readers are in places that I’ve never been before – some places that I’ve never even *heard* of, most probably!

Now I don’t know about you, but I reckon that that is just SO incredibly awesome and amazing and mind-blowingly *insane*!!!

So I go about my daily business, and blog about stuff that’s happening in my life, or random thoughts I’m having (like this one) or maybe even write a few lines of fiction and pass it off as a ‘scribbling’ which may or may not one day ever end up as possibly some kind of coherent piece of writing – but mostly, I just love the fact that I can write. And have an audience. You, dear readers, are absolutely inspirational for me.

Thank you. Truly, thank you! My wish for you today – whatever day you happen to be reading this on – is that the rest of your day is an amazing one, full of light, laughter, and a sense of purpose and peace.

You guys rock!

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Very true, Cami – and thanks for your comments! It’s when people such as yourself care enough to read through and write something in response to my blog that the true magic happens… when I realise that what I’ve written has impacted them enough for them to spend their time replying!!! Thanks SO much, and have a truly wonderful day today! 😀

Thanks, Julia! Yes, yesterday was amazing – although I was far too busy with offline work that I never got back to my blog, and didn’t realise that so many wonderful people had left comments on what I’d written LOL!!! Thanks for your comments, and for being one of my writing inspirations! 😀

Hi Ceridwyn,

I love your blogs. They keep me going. I wish (praying) for this art with words.

Love you guys.


Wendy, your comments always make me smile – thank you SO much for reading my scribbles and replying! Here’s praying that you have a brilliant day today. Love to you and Steve! 🙂

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