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Being held hostage…

I try to blog three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, Queensland time. But this morning as I was eating my cereal, and playing with the WordPress app that I’d just updated on my iPhone, I almost choked.

Deactivated? ME???!!!!! OMG – seriously?!!!!!! What did *I* do?!!!!! Was my #balltime blog post too offensive? (okay I admit – a little bit of toilet seat was showing underneath that frog!) or is WordPress getting like Facebook Business Pages and preferring text-based updates only, and I’m using too many photos? Maybe it’s that I started my last blog post with the words “I love my blog” – maybe there’s just too much self-promotion, opinionising – maybe too much ‘parenting’ stuff on what I often think of as ‘my mummy blog’?!!!!

So the story I was going to share this morning went, in condensed version, onto my personal Facebook page instead. Pity… but what else could I do? And I emailed almost immediately with a ‘Huh?!!! Please explain!!!’ and then waited with bated breath, thinking all things nasty towards

This afternoon I received a reply.

So. The deactivation of my blog was done by “automated spam controls”. Great. And here am I, deleting spam comments off my blog whenever they appear. So I’ve emailed again. With a ‘what the?!!’ (And you gotta love the ‘Happiness Engineer’, doncha?!!!)

I’ll let you know the outcome! And in the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and bought the domain name – just in case I need to move the site away from before it happens again without warning…!

Thanks for your support, dear readers! As I said Monday – you guys are the best!!! 😀

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I get around 10 spam comments a day on my WP blog. Akismet catches most of them so they rarely make it onto my posts, but they sit there in the Comments section of my Dashboard until I select them as spam and delete them.
Let me know what the Happiness Engineer says!

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