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17/52 On waiting

We wait for lots of things.
To be old enough to join the ‘big kids’ at school.
For that first tooth to fall out so we’ll be like our friends.
For Christmas morning.
For the high school bus.
For the weekend.
To be old enough to get our driver’s license.
For the boss to give us more shifts so we have enough money for that thing we want.
For that University acceptance letter.
For the right date for our wedding.
For 9 months to be finally over.
For the kids to be old enough to go to school.
For the ‘lack of school lunches’ that holidays bring.
For the kids to graduate and live lives of their own.

Are we wishing our lives away?
And what happens when our final day comes?
How much will we look back and regret?

And will realising this, be enough for me to change a so-far-lifelong habit?

That’s what I’m pondering this week, dear Reader.

And, as always, I wish you an amazing and wonderful week 🙂
⁃ KRidwyn

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