Blogging 12 Days Xmas – Day 8

So I’m continuing my annual #12daysxmas blogging challenge this year, and my theme for 2017/2018 is ‘gratitude’. Each day for 12 days, I’m explaining one thing that occurred in each month, that I’m grateful for. Today’s month? August 🙂

In August both Miss12 and Miss9 competed in the Sunshine Coast Women’s and Girls Chess tournament. It was a hotly contested field of 35 competitors, and Miss10’s first ever tournament. Plus, she was sick; and for someone who doesn’t get sick all that often, she was feeling quite unwell.

Nevertheless, she took out her age division, and is currently the Under10 Girls Champion. She was ecstatic, as was I. And as for Miss12? Not only did she win her division as well (Under12 Girls Champion) but she also took out the Schoolgirls Champion – as in, she’s the top schoolgirl chess player on the Coast!

So looking back on August, that’s the one day I’m grateful for. That my daughters got to experience success. Huge success. And that’s not something that happens every day.

How about you, dear Reader? Do you have any success stories from August?

And have a lovely day!