Blogging 12 days Xmas – Day 9

So I’m continuing my annual #12daysxmas blogging challenge this year, and my theme for 2017 is ‘gratitude’. Each day for 12 days, I’m explaining one thing that occurred in each month, that I’m grateful for. Today’s month? September 🙂

Looking back on September (and yes, now it’s Jan 2nd I can write ‘last year’!) the thing I’m most grateful for was my holiday.

I hadn’t taken a break in 12 months, and it was NEEDED!

So Hubby took the kids and me camping to Fraser Island – and it was magical. 5 days with no phone or internet coverage – which meant no texts, no phone calls, and no emails of either of us! And for Hubby, that was exactly what he needed, to be able to relax a little and clear his head.

It was also the first time on Fraser that we’d managed to get all the way to the northern tip, a place called Sandy Cape. Hubby and I have been trying to get there since our honeymoon on the island, 22 years ago… and this time, we managed it! So that was incredibly special.

And seeing as it’s a setting in the novel I was writing at the time, it was even more fantastic I could see it in person!

How about you, dear Reader? What was special for you in September?

And have a great day!