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Blogging 12 days xmas – Day 4

So I’m continuing my annual #12daysxmas blogging challenge this year, and my theme for 2017 is ‘gratitude’. Each day for 12 days, I’m explaining one thing that occurred in each month, that I’m grateful for. Today’s month? April 🙂

In April, term one ended. I remember looking back and thinking wow! How on earth did I manage to survive that? It had been a huge term, yet God had been there every step of the way, and I had survived it. In hindsight, the difficulty had lain  in the fact that there was so much to learn that I hadn’t expected. It was such a surprise: the job which I had left only nine years ago, could have changed so much!

The rise of technology, and in particular teenagers having access to personal mobile phones, made the re-entry into the position of Head of Middle School a lot more difficult than I had expected. The amount of cyber-bullying that was occurring, and therefore also spilling over into the school environment, was not only incredible, it was so sad to see! So a steep learning curve was required, and now I have strategies to put in place to teach pre-teens and teens how to conduct themselves online, and how to cope / what to do when stuff happens that shouldn’t.

So April was very needed for the holidays, it was brilliant that I was able to stop, sort out some needed stuff, and get my head into gear for the NAPLAN tests coming up.

So dear Reader, have you ever had a holiday that you needed, after a period of intense work?

And have a great day!