Blogging 12 days Xmas – Day 3

So I’m continuing my annual #12daysxmas blogging challenge this year, and my theme for 2017 is ‘gratitude’. Each day for 12 days, I’m explaining one thing that occurred in each month, that I’m grateful for. Today’s month? March 🙂

In March, again it was a child’s birthday that I remember being most grateful for.

This time, it was Mr7’s turn. Also in his new school, I wasn’t sure he would know enough people to invite to his birthday party. Being autistic, a new environment is not particularly conducive for the making of friendships.

It turned out, though, that he had more friends in year four than in his own class of year three! And so we had the party, some new friends turned up, and an old one did as well. What’s more, he enjoyed it, and that was more than enough for me. 🙂

How about you, dear Reader? Did something which you were extremely worried about, this year, work out for you in the end?

And have a great day!