My day ‘off’

So it’s 11.29pm, Friday 2 June. I was just finishing up, about to head for bed and I remembered: it’s June. June as in #blogJune month! And I hadn’t published so much as a word blogside! Whoops!

Hence the phone, the lounge, the WordPress app: and this, the result.

Today was Friday. Normally, the end of the working week. But thanks to the local show making today a public holiday, it ended up being a stay-in-my-pyjamas, ‘Once-Upon-A-Time’-marathon-with-my-girls, crotchet-all-day kind of day instead. It was wonderful.

And Miss12 decided to not go to Youth Group tonight, which meant I didn’t actually need to change out of my pyjamas for THE WHOLE DAY!!! (It’s probably been close to a decade since I last was able to do that.)

Bliss. Heavenly. Absolute perfection of a day.

How was your Friday, dear Reader?