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30 must-read books – #12

Book #12 continues the fantasy genre for this week’s #blogjune posts. The Artemis Fowl series, by Eoin Colfer, is my ‘go-to’ example of magical races surviving undetected on modern-day Earth.


In a similar vein, of course, are the more-well-known Harry Potter and Twilight series’.

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But as much as the Rowling and Meyer series’ are extremely well-written, I prefer the wit of the Colfer series. I found the mix of criminal masterminds with LEP Recon rather clever. Or perhaps it’s just the intricacies of the dwarf digestive system that amuses me.

Have you ever read them? What did you think?

And, as always, have a great day, dear reader!

— KRidwyn




2 replies on “30 must-read books – #12”

Hi Lise! No, I haven’t – but it’s now on my TBR list, thank you! I’m loving this years #blogjune – I’m getting book recommendations from my commenters, of titles similar to my favourite books! Can’t complain about that 😀 😀 😀

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