Trello – and HootSuite

I’ve just discovered this – last night, to be exact. And I’m liking it. I’m thinking that perhaps it may revolutionise the way that Bloxham Marketing works.

Anyone else come across this yet?

And HootSuite. I’m a little bummed, because I rely on HootSuite heavily for work. I *hate* it when it doesn’t, when something goes wrong or when it works slower than it should, or just when it doesn’t do what it should. As in, I post a reply to a friend’s tweet, while signed in to my @KRidwyn account – and the reply posts from my @BloxhamMkting account. Which is REALLY very very very very very very annoying!!!

But at the moment, my HootSuite twitter accounts aren’t updating. At all. And yeh, it’s probably my fault – I probably haven’t updated or something – but it’s SOOOO annoying when it doesn’t work and I so badly want it to! Sigh. Guess I’ll have to work out the problem. And in the meantime, use – which is yet another thing to get my head around… 🙁