#blogJune post 26 – the generations to come

I often wonder how it is I’m going as a parent. If I’m teaching my kids the right stuff, if I’m helping them to become the best possible people that they can be, if I’m exposing them to the situations and lessons that they’ll need, later in life – like resilience, persistence, compassion, tact – and more.

Then I followed a facebook link the other day and read this story. A Gen Y girl had to post something – at a real Post Office – and was completely stumped because she’d never done it before.

Although hilarious (and I’d encourage you to read it, by the way!) the story got me thinking. In one sense, her story is probably true, to some extent. Okay – it’s more than likely exaggerated in terms of her thoughts and feelings – but that’s good writing for you. But the premise remains the same. Will my kids, one day, be just as stumped as this GenYer was? Am I failing them in areas that they may need one day?

Questions, questions. I guess the only way I’ll ever know the answers is – in many many years time, after the fact, when they’ve been in situations that completely stumped them – and then weren’t too embarrassed to tell me about it.

Oh well. I guess you can only do the best that you can do, right?!