Library peeps

This morning was a long one. Miss 5 came into our room just before 2am, needing assistance. Then Mr 4 woke up at 4.44am, needing a nappy change. And after that, I figured that there was no point trying to get back to sleep, because my cherubs are normally up before 6, so I just stayed up & played with (I think I’m loving this – but more to follow in another post, I think).

But I’ve been battling a sore throat (again) and what with the interrupted night’s sleep, I was feeling pretty flat.

Praise God for twitter, huh? iPhone in easy reach, so I was able to catch a reply from @librarianhoi to my tweet on her #blogJune post – and then I noticed my tweetstream full of #ALA2013 tweets.

Aha. Library conference over in Chicago, huh? Hundreds of tweets. Probably thousands, but I didn’t scroll back that far. And all providing great PD – following links, smiling along to succinct snippets of wisdom – meanwhile the sun is s.l.o.w.l.y. rising and the house is still dark and quiet. A quick #ALA2013 tweet to say Hello and thank you – and it’s favorited within minutes by @ALAannual – cool, huh? Another tweet to say that the #blogJune and #ALA2013 tweets and links are cheering me up on a ‘flat’ kinda morning – and it’s retweeted by @amyecroft to her 1000+ followers.

Gotta love twitter – and especially those library peeps who are just so darn awesome!

Love you guys!