Billie B Brown – #blogJune post 28

My Miss 8 is one of those ‘reluctant readers’. I put it down to the fact that she’s dyslexic, which was only diagnosed officially just recently. Along with the fact that she has Irlen syndrome, and her glasses now have coloured lenses to help her brain cope with those particular sections of the colour spectrum that she can’t see / doesn’t recognise.

Anyway, since new glasses, she’s discovered Billie B Brown. A series written by Sally Rippin – a lady who I think I’m now in love with, because my daughter LOVES reading!!! For the first time EVER!!!

So. Over a dozen books in the series down (and in only two weeks! Not bad, huh?) and I’ve also learned that she’s written another series, Hey Jack, that revolves around Billie B Brown’s best friend and next door neighbour, Jack.

I want more though. More options, for when she’s run out of books in these two series. Books that are similar in difficulty, a little tom-boyish, and fun to read.

Know of any?