on blogging, and #blogJune

My final post for #blogJune 2013.

Why do I blog? I guess there are several reasons. In no particular order, they’d probably be:

– to keep in touch with online friends and family – let them know how I’m doing, what’s happening in my life, and so on and so forth

– to write. better. more succinctly. more powerfully. to practise – and although that practise happens out in the public eye, at least its ‘real’. kinda! (and yeh – sometimes I love looking at sentence fragments that have no capital letters at the beginning. sorry!)

– to process my own thoughts and feelings. To get the stuff that’s sworling around in that vortex in there, inside that cavity I call my head, out onto the screen so I can see it, read it, evaluate it  – and again, if that’s out in the public eye, then so be it.

– to keep myself accountable. If I start a ‘challenge’, such as this #blogJune one, then I will want to do the best that I can, being realistic in the time available. I mean – I’m pretty disappointed in myself that it took until almost mid-June before putting fingers to keyboard, but I’m quietly very stoked with myself that I’ve managed almost-30 posts. Even though some are pretty darn short. Hopefully I wasn’t just ‘posting something for the sake of getting that tally line closer’, but I know that some posts were shorter than I would have hoped that they’d be. But that’s life. They’re done. Published.

I started this year with the aim of daily blogging. I did pretty well too – and then something happened – was it school starting back or something? I can’t remember now. But #blogJune, and the companionship of other bloggers, seems to have put me back into the habit again – and now it seems that there’s #commentJuly to join in with, tomorrow?! Not sure if I’ll be able to do that… the few times that I’ve tried commenting directly onto other #blogJuner posts, for some reason I haven’t been allowed to – possibly a problem with my two WordPress accounts or something? Anyway, that’s why I’ve been commenting by replying to tweets instead. Not ideal, but at least it’s something…

Anyway, that’s probably it. As much as my headachy brain will allow me to write, anyway.

Thanks, #blogJuners – and maybe we’ll all be back again next year?