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… and schoolbooks

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I can’t really ‘commit’ to this year ahead. Yes, I know that it’s 2013. Yes, I know that the days will march inexorably forward, like they always do, regardless of my opinion on them, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about this. But I’m not talking about this: I’m trying (badly, I think!) to explain my attitude toward the year… the work/ academic year, at least.
You see, I’m the mistress of ‘get prepared’. Major control freak. I like to know what’s coming so that I can get myself sorted, ready, into the right ‘headspace’ so to speak. Tackle the situation or problem head on, and then move on to other things. Knowing what I need to know, having all the answers to the questions I have about a particular situation, helps me feel ‘ahead of the game’; and also eases my anxiety, and frees up my brain-space for the next ‘challenge’ that I know is coming.
Hence my realisation that I’m feeling more than unusually anxious about this coming school year; and it’s all because of schoolbooks.
You see, late last year Hubby & I ordered the girls’ schoolbooks through the school, in their annual Book pack program. As we did the previous year when Miss almost-8 was in Year 2, and the year before that, for Year 1, and the year before that, for Prep. Last year, for the very first time, I also used those plastic slip-on covers for the A4 and A5 exercise books, and it seriously cut down the covering time by about a million hours! (Yes, some exaggeration was used in the making of that sentence.) So with two girls’ books to cover in 2013, this year I’ve gone & ordered a *heap* of plastic slip-on covers. As in, lots and lots and lots and lots! (I figure whatever doesn’t get used in 2013 will be used in subsequent years, anyway!)
So I have these book covers. But I am still waiting (less and less patiently as the days go by, I might add!) for the Book packs to arrive, so that the whole process of sorting, naming and covering can begin. And, as each day passes with no Book packs arriving, I can feel work looming closer. Heck – I start (officially) tomorrow! (And yes, I’ve been in twice already, to start setting up my room, rearrange furniture, see what resources and work program’s I have, hassle the PA for my own key etc etc etc… as I said, major control freak here!)
So I *need* these Book packs to arrive, so that I can get them all squared away, and out of my headspace, so that I can concentrate on the next thing. Never thought I’d see the day when I was actually *looking forward* to the Book packs arriving, but there you go! It happened!
So. Here’s hoping that they arrive today! I’ll let you know, dear readers!