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Special books

It being birthday week this week, it’s also Special Book week. It’s the week that I remember to write to my daughters in their Special Books.
The ‘Special Books’ idea was one I came across when I was pregnant with Miss almost-8. I was talking with a colleague at work, and she had mentioned that one of her friends had done it. Bought a Special Book, a blank journal, and had used it to write a love letter to her child. From even before birth, then after, special occasions, birthdays, Christmases, and other milestones, were all recorded in the Special Book, along with the mother’s feelings of pride at that moment. Every special occasion up until the child’s 15th birthday, when the Special Book was presented to the child.
I loved the idea, so I’ve done it too. I have three Special Books, one for each child. And this week, in spite of the busy-ness of life, I wrote to Miss 5 last night, and am determined to write to Miss almost-8 when she turns 8 on Sunday!

Three special love letter journals for three extra-special cherubs! (Edit: sorry about the upside-down photo; I’ve only just noticed! My iPhone does that sometimes. Not entirely sure why. Feel free to enlighten me, if you know!)