Day 10 #blog12daysxmas

On the tenth day of Christmas, my family & me…

– woke up late. Well, later than normal. And by that, I mean 5.58am instead of just-gone-5. “Yes!!!”
– read books, coloured in, stuck stickers, played violin, and explored new games on the Wii
– and I gardened, like I have been since turning off my computer mid-December. And by ‘gardening’, I mean what one of my IRL friends calls ‘extreme gardening’. As in, pulling out fencing, clearing scrub, digging out stumps, taking out saplings etc etc etc
Needless to say, I’m a little bit exhausted tonight. Add in the very late night courtesy my Once Upon A Time marathon, and I feel the very strong need to hit the hay. Soon!
So, dear readers, have a lovely Friday evening, and I shall see you tomorrow!

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wow. that *is* extreme gardening… I personally wouldn’t classify it as being relaxing, but whatever floats your boat 😛 I’m not surprised that you are exhausted! Hope today is a bit more relaxing 🙂

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