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Day 9 #blog12daysxmas

Yeah, yeah. It’s Day 10 today. Sorry. So yesterday, on the ninth day of Christmas, my family and me…

– cleaned the house in the morning. Because I hadn’t “cleaned” since returning from Hervey Bay on the 29th. Because I’m a grot. I don’t like cleaning. As soon as I win Lotto (Division One) then the first thing I’ll do (after paying off the mortgage, of course) is to employ a housecleaner. Or maybe a housekeeper. Full time. So I don’t have to cook either. Yeah, that’d be good.

– entertained. Miss almost-8 had a friend come visit. It went well. The kids played games, went swimming, ate lunch, and played on the Wii (this year’s birthday ‘presents’, for all three cherubs).

– and then everyone else did whatever while I watched the rest of my Christmas present. Season One of “Once Upon a Time”. Bonus features included. So it was almost 1am when I finally went to bed. But boy, what a great day. I so LOVE what the scriptwriters have done with fairytales. And hearing Robert Carlyle talking about twitter, and the directors talking about mashups, putting Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm squarely into the age of Web 2.0, is just mind-blowingly cool, in my opinion!

So yeah, that was my 9th day of Christmas. And I must admit, the tenth day is starting off pretty well, too…

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