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Day 12 #blog12daysxmas

So this is a little embarrassing. But then again, it’s Maths and counting, and let’s face it, that’s NEVER been my strong point! Perhaps I could blame it on ‘blogging from my iPhone’, perhaps I could blame it on ‘I’ve been on holidays and I’m not checking as well as I should have been’ (actually, I haven’t really been checking at all…!) etc etc etc but the fact remains – I have two ‘Day 8’s” in this #blog12daysxmas challenge. Which is pretty silly. Yes, I *could* reorder the posts, as was suggested by a twitter friend this morning, but no, I won’t. Only cos I’m lazy. Plus I guess I should really own up to my faults and flaws. Keep myself humble etc – which is something that doesn’t happen much, or anywhere near as much as it should!

So yes. This is Day 12 of the #blog12daysxmas challenge, and I must say it seems to be getting easier each year. I am glad I do it. And I’m even more happy that I don’t do this challenge alone, but share it with good friends on twitter, who write about many and varied things and make my online life such a joy.

I probably should have done this at the start, but at the end will have to do. On most days this challenge, I’ve started with “On the xth day of Christmas, my family and me” – and each time, I’ve walked away after blogging, with the ’12 days of Christmas’ in my head. Which has been cool. But I just wanted to state (for Jo’s sake, although she hasn’t picked me up on it yet) that yes, I realise that the grammar I have been using has been entirely incorrect. That it should have been “my family and I”. But that wouldn’t have rhymed, so I chose to write it incorrectly. Sorry to all you grammar fanatics out there!

So. #blog12daysxmas is now finished. And that reminds me that this time last year, I was on the cusp of a different blogging challenge: #blog5daysAustenese – a challenge to write in the “stile” of Jane Austen for 5 days straight. I was joined by 4 others – @jobeaz, @Girlwithshoes, @kalgrl and @jzgarnett  – as brave as (or is that “as insane as?!”) me. I wonder if they’re up for it again this year? Or a different author’s style maybe? Either way, it’ll be good to continue this daily blogging bit, I think. Even if I can’t count past seven with any reliable certainty of accuracy!

Have a great day, dear readers!

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You are a worry 😛 and yes, I did notice, but I thought I’d keep with the Christmas spirit and not pick you up on it… Aren’t I nice? 😛 That challenge sounds interesting… looking forward to reading more, even if it is in a new style… Maybe you could do the style of the author who wrote Les Miserables as that is a popular piece of culture at the moment with the release of the *excellent* movie? Just a suggestion…

Haha Jo! Write in the style of Les Mis?!! Have you tried reading that at all? I read it some years back, and LOVED it, but it’s pretty intense. Talk about character-based NOT plot based! Read just the first few chapters, and you’ll see what I mean… 🙂

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