Day 2 #blog12daysxmas

This bodes well. Not. Because it’s the third day of Christmas and I’m already a day late. Whoops!
So anyway, on the second day of Christmas, my family and me…
– had a slow start. Well, it had been a latish night from the fantastic Christmas BBQ that we had been to the night before!
– hit the Boxing Day sales. Bought less than I had anticipated; but that’s okay.
– the kids played while I continued soldiering on through the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, Book Three
– enjoyed a lovely evening, dining out at a friends
– started watching the film ‘The Musketeer’ with Hubby, but the sight of Alex from Grey’s Anatomy, long haired and American accenting all over the role of D’Artagnan had me in stitches, so…
– I finished Book Three and was heartily disappointed by the beginning of Book Four in the Game of Thrones series.