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The end is nigh?

Well, today is the day. Apparently. Personally, I’m of the very, very, very, very firm opinion that I’ll still be here tomorrow…. but then again, I’ve been wrong before! And I’m pretty sure that, should the world *not* end today, I’ll be wrong again. Just not about this! Because if the world doesn’t end today, then I would have been right, right?!!!!
So anyway, I’m planning on spending this ‘final’ day playing with my cherubs at the beach. How about you?
Oh- and if by chance I’m wrong, then goodbye, dear readers! As someone wiser than me wrote, once upon a time. “So long; and thanks for all the fish!”

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so far we are still alive… however the Mayans weren’t considerate enough to leave a time, so maybe it will all be over tonight?

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