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Sleep and dreams

Last night, Mr 3 had a nightmare, so I got up and calmed him down. It was 12.37am. And it got me wondering, when was the last time that I got up to a cherub in the middle of the night? Do you know, I actually couldn’t remember! I had to think back, and back, several weeks… In fact, I think that it was actually when we were on Fraser Island, over the September holidays. How good is *that*?!!!
It took me a while to get back to sleep though. And when I slept, I dreamt. A rare enough occurrence that I remembered this one!
I was in some kind of medical facility, and my left shoulder was being examined. It had been getting progressively more sore, so for some reason I was getting it checked out. Apparently I had fractured it at an earlier point in time, and by now it was an old injury. ‘Ha!’ I thought to myself, and then the dream ended. Make of that what you will…
I’ve always been interested in dreams. As a person who regularly gets déjà vu, I find the workings of the mind, while the being is unconscious, fascinating. From a pet dog ‘running’, paws moving, while fast asleep, to sleep-walking, I would love to understand more about it all.
Perhaps that’s why I’m enjoying Season 2 of ‘Once upon a Time’, in spite of the extra characters that I didn’t initially agree with; it’s the introduction of the ‘dream state’ where characters can speak across the two realms, that is ride with possibilities!
And speaking of ‘Once Upon a Time’, can I just say a HUGE thank you to all my Facebook friends and twitter peeps who reminded Hubby enough of what I wanted for Christmas this year. I guess he got the hints! Thanks, everyone!!!