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Want to have a good old talk?

At 9am on August 9, 2009, the website went live. It was my first ever experience at ‘launching’ a website, and I remember the excitement of it all. Now, over three years later, (GOT) is still ticking along, with over 500 members – Seniors who chat in the forums, or post updates and images to their blogs. The majority of the ‘GOTchas’ (as they call themselves) are from South East Queensland, however we also have regular posters from Melbourne, Townsville, and Switzerland!

On Monday, I posted about a 7000 word proposal I submitted last week, for my Masters in IT that I’m currently completing. I’m applying for Advanced Standing, on account of the ‘Work / Professional Experience’ I am currently involved in. GoodOldTalk forms a part of that work and as such, I asked a couple of members to write statements for me, to verify what it is I do.

Some of the statements I received in response to my request absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!!! I’ve included a couple here (names withheld for privacy, but with no other additions / deletions / modifications). Gee but they make me sound good!!!

My name is ———— of —————–, Vic. 3036. I am a contributor of content to the  web-site under the nom de plume ‘rim’.

Following a longish period of chronic illness, late in 2009 I was looking for some form of interest/communion with other people to provide a diversion from the boring grind of recovery. I lit on through a link with another site catering to a similar ‘over 50s’ demographic. I soon learned that the GOT site was the brain-child of Ceridwyn Bloxham and, without her initial vision, wit and web savvy … it simply would not have been brought into being.

After a period of normal interaction with extant members both national and international, I was encouraged by Ceridwyn to embark on a personal illustrated blog which would be published daily (if practical) courtesy of free space provided, managed and monitored by herself and team of volunteer ‘web elves’. Whilst practicing as a professional cartoonist, I had never been involved in routine daily output of artwork, let alone text as well. Nonetheless, I accepted the challenge and, the project commenced on January 1st., 2011 … continuing  (with an occasional day off) as I write.

The mixture of discipline and sense of accomplishment associated with the blog project has been of signal help in propelling me back to a reasonable level of health and well-being at age 78. Hopefully, it has also provided some joy and entertainment for the 600 plus membership of GOT … which was probably one of Ceridwyn’s marketing motivations for facilitating implementation of the daily blog in the first place(?)

Whatever, in large measure, I attribute this turn-around in my own personal circumstances to Ceridwyn’s foresight and drive in providing the GOT platform for me and others like me. Though we have never met face to face, I hold this young lady in the highest esteem as a caring and self-less example for anyone who wants to transform a worthwhile idea into an actual, meaningful achievement.

– GOT member ‘rim’

And this one:

I have known Ceridwyn Bloxham through telephone, e-mail and through her wonderful web-site called “Good Old Talk” for at least three years.

Her web site, which has given ‘geriatrics’ such as myself, a powerful and much needed voice on the web, with a voice as strong as any, on this world-wide phenomena; and by using language and articulation in keeping with the schooling of fifty or so years ago.

Ceridwyn is her own best PR person, with help and advice for the less computer savvy, and the general running of the site with many a tip, and where to go for seniors discounts and similar.

As a retired Sydney journalist, with many of my old contacts still in office, Ceridwyn would herself, be surprised at the weight and careful scrutiny that her ‘GoodOldTalk’ site engenders among politicians, marketers and other community leaders and researchers.

Ceridwyn and her team at ‘GoodOldTalk’ could have made a site, which could have gone any number of several directions; it didn’t … it remains true to its beginnings, a site available to anyone with a computer and the strength to press a key.

– GOT member ‘John Collins’

So I was thinking about that last bit, the ‘she’d be surprised by the influence the site has amongst polticians’, just last night. You see, Peter Slipper MP has featured on GOT in the last week. Negatively. And then last night, he resigned as Speaker of the House. I wonder if he read people’s opinions on GOT at all?!! Juts a thought!

2 replies on “Want to have a good old talk?”

HI Ceridwyn,

The statements below are a real ‘feather in your cap’ which you can gracefully accept. I myself honour and admire you, how you do it ALL. I find you a real encouragement and your writings blow me away.

I pray that God will give you strength, wisdom, and time to continue your writings that encourage so many of us.

With love


Thank you SO much, Wendy! What a truly lovely thing to write!!! 🙂 Bless you heaps today!!!

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