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Exhaustion? Check. Holiday? Check. Straight back into a 7000 word proposal? Check!

Well it’s been a while… sorry about that!!! So over the last little while I’ve been rather busy. On the work front, I’ve added a client and lost another with Bloxham Marketing; I’ve taught Preppies, Year 1’s and Year 4’s. On a personal note, Hubby and I have flown to Gladstone and looked at property (LOL!) and we’ve taken the family to Fraser Island in the first week of the school holidays. It was absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I needed after the exhausted state I was in. I mean – check out this view that I woke to each morning!!!

Plus, both Misses 7 and 4 caught their first ever beach fish, so they were pretty stoked.

Miss 7 is holding her second Tailor (she also hooked into a heap of Dart); Miss 4 with a (very yummy!) Whiting. They were so extremely proud of themselves – as were their Mummy and Daddy! Even Mr 4 joined in on the fun, ecstatic that he’d also managed to catch one. And nobody had the heart to tell him that he was looking at his lure!!!

But the week went quickly, and views of the beach were all too quickly replaced by the view out the window of the drive home. But home was a welcome sight, and the washing / unpacking was out of the way within a day.

Which was good, because I had a proposal to complete for Uni. I submitted a claim for Advanced Standing, on the basis of Professional / Work Experience… so hopefully that’ll be granted, and there’s another 12 credit points done towards this Masters in IT. Yay!

And now it’s Term time again. Back into routine. Back into school lunches, ECDP for Mr 4, SpeechTherapy, and of course, work.

Maybe  it’ll also be back into routine for Hmmm… too! (Just had a look at my calendar of posts below, and I haven’t posted in over a month – whoops!!! Sorry, dear readers!!!)