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And again…

I find myself unable to blog on a daily basis due to illness and busyness.

What is it about this month that has caused my inability to keep this blog happening on a daily basis?!!! Looking back, I know it’s been filled with both illness (that vomiting bug in the first couple of weeks wiped me out!) and busyness (Uni assignments, work deadlines etc) but has this month been more trying than the others or is it just run-of-the-mill reflection of how my life is at the moment? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe taking this #blogjune challenge was not as realistic as I thought it would be. It’s funny – I did the #blog12daysxmas challenge with no hiccups, in spite of floods keeping my family stranded in 1770 where staples and petrol ran out within days, and prices of ferry rides to Bundaberg (ha! Where THEY were flooded worse than us!) skyrocketed. I even managed the #octshowntell last year. So what is it about this one that I just couldn’t manage it? Is it that 12 days, or one story a week, is do-able, but 30 consecutive days is not? Hmmm…?

Well, I’m not particularly impressed with myself. At church this morning, we were regaled with a delightful reading from “Reuben Ramsay OR The Boy That Nobody Wanted”. A 1849 tale of a boy who looks into the mirror after deciding that nobody wants him, and then realising that he doesn’t even want himself. The Christian influence enters in the form of a lady, who tells him that what he was looking into when he realised that he didn’t even want himself was actually the ‘mind’s mirror’. As in, he wasn’t looking at the reflection of his physical person, but his personality. It was this – his personality – that he didn’t like, and he could change this by giving his heart back to Jesus, who made his heart in the first place.

An accurate reflection of us all, I would suspect, when we truly self-reflect. Well, it is an accurate reflection for me, anyway. I’d prefer to see something a lot nicer in there. Someone who keeps the commitments she makes, for example, to blog daily for #blogjune. Someone who doesn’t keep on stuffing up, publicly, and having to apologise and start over. Wouldn’t that be great. Maybe I should re-read that book, and take the advice offered.


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I don’t know Reuben Ramsay… I will have to bookmark the story for later or I’ll never get my own blog written. I just got back from church an hour ago (I go to the more relaxed evening service) and it was on relationships, using David & Jonathan’s friendship as an example of a solid friendship. Amazing that Jonathan accepted God’s choice of David as the future king, and defied his father Saul to be a true friend to David. I think it’s rare to have such close friends today, now that our lives move so fast and everything seems to have a “best before” date, even relationships. We can still learn so much from the Bible.

I think you are too harsh on yourself. I have been hopeless at keeping up with #blogjune. Some days it just hasn’t been a priority. But I have caught up by doing a couple in a row and actually on several weekends did big whacks of them. That’s ok by me. Only three more to do now! I was on a roll this morning and did tomoro’s too 🙂 and you k ow it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d ended up doing only a couple. You do what you can do if and when you can. No one is standing over you with a stick. This needs to be fun not a chore or a duty.

Thanks, Polyxena – yes, I have high expectations for myself. Comes of being a perfectionist, I guess. I know that no-one’s “standing over me with a big stick” – it’s just that I really wanted to have the same sort of blogging patterns as #blog12daysxmas and #octshowntell. This morning I realised that I’m also mega-behind in #librarytwittermysteryamonth too, so I guess it’s just indicative of the year that I’m having. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still having fun! I just so wanted to be having more of it. Oh – and I love the idea that you’ve done tomorrow’s already!

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