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I have been despondent for a couple of days now. Strange, considering it’s end of semester and there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Considering that the school won its display at the Caboolture Show, and the playgroup display that I can claim quite a lot of the responsibility for, came second in its own category. Considering that tonight Miss 6 did a screen test for her new modelling agency, and the Australian director (who was conducting the screen test) was so impressed he said, “She’s only 6? Wow! She’ll definitely get call backs with what she just did!”

So some things in life are going well. My brilliant mother bought me a Galileo thermometer for my birthday, which now takes pride of place on my kitchen windowsill (pics to follow when my camera is actually working again), Miss 3 is almost fully toilet trained (OMG that has take just SO darn long!) and Master 2 is having fun saying his new word “Mar-mee” and seeing my delighted reaction.

So yes, some things are good. My final assignment will be completed, and submitted, by the time my head hits the pillow. A good friend is visiting tomorrow for a ‘craft morning’. And also I get to go NOWHERE (boy do I LOVE those days!). My family is (almost) all healthy, the weekend is approaching, and the holidays after that.

So what the hell do I have to be despondent about? Just because I’ve crossed paths with three people that sucked the energy out of me this week? Three people, all in their own little worlds and with no forethought over their words or actions, decided in their own little ways to impact on my little world so abruptly and rudely? Honestly – why can’t I get past this?! It’s (insert swearwords for rest of sentence).

Sorry, readers. I know I’m behind in #blogjune, but I’m kinda over it all right now. Thanks for letting me vent. And I’ll try to blog in a better frame of mind tomorrow. When my final assignment’s done and dusted.

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Thinking of you xx Words have such power, even when we try not to let them affect us. Sucks.
Congrats on all the other things though! Hoping after a sleep, those annoying comments feel smaller and all the good stuff is at the forefront! Love ya xx

Thanks, Katrina! You’re such a sweetheart. Yes, some sleep, the passage of time and some distance from the situation helped a little.
I miss seeing you. I hope life is going well for you? I love reading your blog, by the way!

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