Random thoughts

Back into it…

So it’s Wednesday again, and Term 3 has started, so that means that Hubby and Miss 7 are back at school, and Mr 3 and I headed to his ECDP this morning, followed by speech therapy, in between phone calls to clients to discuss and make decisions on various current projects.
I’ve found that the battery on my iPhone isn’t lasting as long as it used to, so when it dies while I’m busy at ECDP, not only do I get a far more peaceful time with my boy, but also I end up with a lot more missed calls and phone messages than normal! (Funny, that!)
So yes, it would seem that we are ‘back into it’, well and truly. Holidays (well, a slightly quieter two weeks, anyway) are quickly receding into distant memories. Sad, really. And this constant drizzly weather isn’t helping matters. I’m a person who loves the sunshine, so this greyness upon greyness is draining. Oh well. It’ll be sunny soon enough, I’m sure.
Image: my little man saying, “Go, go, go!” as he races balls on a toy this morning. Speech therapy seems to be working!