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Catching up

I can’t believe how quickly this last week has gone. It’s Sunday afternoon and I only blogged once this week!!! (sorry Jo!) I *knew* I was going to be busy… I guess I just figured that I’d still get the odd few minutes here and there to blog. Whoops!
So I spent all day Tuesday in Brisbane, at the Facebook Small Business Bootcamp. As in, a workshop run BY the people from Facebook. It was great; I learned heaps; and will (when time permits) be making numbers of changes to my own Business Facebook page, and the pages of my clients’. So that’s cool!
But Tuesday being gone, that meant that Tuesday’s work needed to be done on Wednesday (as well as Wednesday’s work, of course) and I also needed to plan Thursday’s, because I’d be spending Thursday in Hervey Bay, running a branding photoshoot morning for a client. Home by 5.30pm Thursday to an even bigger backlog of work, plus a house resembling a bombsite because I hadn’t been there…
So now it’s Sunday afternoon. I’m in Hippo House, Morayfield, sporadically looking up to check on my three cherubs amongst the others running around at this birthday party. Yes, I’m being anti-social, blogging on my phone instead of socialising with the other parents. Oh well! I’m sure they don’t mind (it’s hard to carry on a conversation here anyway, due to excited children screams and other various noises) and I’ve really really missed you, dear readers! So. Better late than never??! And here’s hoping that I’ll be back in some kind of routine again this coming week!
Oh crap. I’ve just realised that the week starts tomorrow. 🙁

(It’s rather noisy here at the moment…)

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Day 2 and I’ve slept!

Well last night was vomit-free. Apparently Master 2 fell out of bed, and Hubby put him back in, but I guess I slept through the whole thing. Unusual, because I’m normally the lightest sleeper in the house, but that extra-long day must have taken it out of me. I actually fell asleep in front of the computer, so eventually gave it up soon after 11pm. Seven hours later and I’m feeling human again.

So today marks assignment day. I have a 45% Proposal and an ePortfolio view release due tomorrow, but tomorrow I’m at work, and I also have a newspaper deadline at midday tomorrow (which article I haven’t started yet!) so I’m going to attempt submitting my Uni pieces today. Somehow.

Hence my post this morning. Day 2 of #blogeverydayofJune and let’s meet again on Day 3. Wonder if I’ll have those assignments in by then? Wish me luck!