Random thoughts

Wisdom hairs

So this morning has been a lot ‘slower’ than normal. Not through choice, but through exhaustion. Long story, and I won’t go into it here. But part of my ‘slower’ morning was actually taking the time to brush my hair in front of a mirror. (Normally it’s an ‘in the car at traffic lights’ kind of hairdo).
So anyway, I was standing in front if a mirror (again, VERY unusual experience; standing still…) and I noticed the extra white hairs that weren’t there last time I brushed my hair in front of a mirror. ‘Well, duh!’ I thought. Bound to happen, really. They’re my ‘hairs of experience’. Wisdom hairs. Maybe!
So my first reaction was to reach up and go to pull out the more obvious ones… but I caught myself in time. You see, on my 35th birthday, a few years ago now, I made a pact with myself- no more pulling out white hairs. Considering I started this habit on the day I found my first one, which just so happened to be my 18th birthday, that was almost half a lifetime of habit that I had to overcome! Still an’ all, I haven’t pulled out another to this day. My hair can grow old gracefully (because I’m not sure that *I* will be!)

(Maybe they’re not too obvious in this light… or any other light too, actually!)