Random thoughts

Blogging in Austenese…

A throw-away tweet I wrote this morning became a recurring thought of mine today. In pre-6am conversation with @jobeaz regarding the sheer amount of reading she’s been doing over her holidays, I laughingly wrote that I’m mid-way through Mansfield Park, and have found it difficult to not write in Austenese.

To this, both she and @Girlwithshoes encouraged me to do exactly that – to blog in Austenese. And the thought has stayed with me.

I’d like to issue a challenge though, as I’d like to not blog alone. To that end… who’s up for #blog5daysAustenese ? Seeing as #blog12daysxmas has just finished, this might be as good a time as any…? I’m thinking that if we do Monday through Friday of next week, that’ll give any and all participants time over the weekend to get immersed in the style.

So… who’s in? (And if I’m alone, then so be it, I shan’t mind…!)