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And again…

So I’m back at the mechanics again today, currently sitting in the waiting room with Miss 4 and Mr 3.

It was just yesterday that my car got serviced, and we discovered that I’d been driving around with a fairly large nail through the rubber of the front tyre. Praise God it hadn’t pierced the wrong thing, or I might not be sitting here right now!
But here I am, listening on the kids’ gaming, and waiting for all of the wheels to be balanced. They’d only balanced the front ones, and Hubby noticed a shudder once past 100k an hour. And since we do a *lot* of highway driving, it was back to the mechanics this morning to get it sorted out. This time, however, with kids in tow. Which is where having iDevices comes in SOOOOOOO handy! Miss 4 is being a squirrel on ‘Nuts!’, and Mr 3, (hat on his head, because that’s what the picture in his head of ‘going out’ tells him he must have) is trying to get Swampy enough water for his bath on ‘Where’s my Water’, because he finished ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and in the Lite version, you only get one game per day.
I must admit, having digital babysitters for the kids really makes life easier, sometimes!