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#BlogJune Day 13

I missed a day! Sad 🙁

but a friend I hadn’t heard from in simply ages replied to a tweet and also commented on here (hi Snail!) so: happy!

Reason for missed day: my Mum had had a car accident on the 11th (hence the cryptic post because I was too emotional to write coherently) and – although she’s okay and in fact, better than okay, she’s remarkably good praise God! – I spent hours (literally) on the phone with the insurance company and that chewed up good blogpost-writing time. Sigh.

I *had* intended to post this photo (taken yesterday, when I discovered its existence!) as I found it so amusing:

I guess I’ve reached the age whereupon (ha! Check out that old word!) I receive birthday cards from politicians by virtue of not dying yet. Ummm… not sure how that makes me feel, really, but… okay?!

Have a ‘not dying’ day yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

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